IT’S VO ATLANTA TIME!!  Can’t wait!!!

THIS voice actor is stoked!  Can’t wait.  Gonna be fun.  Flying out Wednesday for my first ever VO Atlanta conference, “Refresh your Voice.”  The Atlanta Airport Hilton will be chalk full of voice actors, and this voice actor gets to be one of ’em!  Can’t wait.  Really.  Have I said that yet?  Oh yeah.  Thricely.

So!  What’s VO Atlanta about?  I guess it’s clear…but the theme is “Refresh your voice” and it’s sure to be refreshing.  I’m a voice actor who wants to be a BETTER voice actor.  One who is really in charge of his business and really meeting and establishing great connections with new clients…learning….growing.

Voice actors need things like this every now and then to really get out there and meet other voice actors.  We spend so much time in our little studios, recording, that it’s great to get out and rub shoulders with greatness.  J. Michael Collins.  Tim Tippets.  Marc Scott.  Marc Cashman.  Anne Ganguzza.  People like that.  Voice actors of any experience level will be there.  I have been a voice actor since 1993.  I’ll be rubbing shoulders with voice actors who have been voice actors since the words “voice actor” were first put together.  Ha!  That makes me happy.

Hello from Atlanta!  I’ll try to blog each day and keep you updated.  I’m stoked!  (Oh yeah, I said that already).

Joshua Alexander, Highly Stoked Voice Actor
Seattle Voice Actor & Voiceover Talent for hire