A new few infographics for your viewing pleasure!  What is an infographic you ask?  Well, it’s a graphic representation of what I do.  And what I do is FUN.  So I like to have fun!  I like to be able to post something amusing that will draw people in.  That will make them want to see it more and say “huh.  Didn’t think of it that way.”  Or “never would have thought about that.”  Right?

It’s an engaging piece of imagery that attracts the viewer to come closer and see what I’m offering, without shouting from the rooftops with a megaphone and shaking every tree and scaring people away.  It’s a fun piece of marketing that allows me to be creative and to connect with people in ways that text won’t let me.  Infographics can be a big alert to someone to check out your stuff, with fun colors and attractive design…and especially if it’s got humor.  Laughter is the best medicine, right?  I love doing ’em.  Hopefully you can do some too and attract more people and clientele your way.

You can post them on places like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,  Sometimes they’re more straightforward and visual, and purely promotional, like the last one.  Other times they’re middle of the road, such as the Joshua vs. Jason one below.  And many, many other times – because I really appreciate humor – they’re like the “Meet Jane’s Video” one which contains a crudely photoshopped face of mine over a skydiver.  Ha!  I do like to have the occasional belly laugh.  That one was fun to create.  Imagine on the other end of the viewing cycle, someone is seeing my infographic.  What do you think they’re going to say?  They’re going to say “Ha!  That guy sounds fun.  Maybe I’ll visit his website.”  That’s a maybe, but it’s a good maybe!  It’s better than “ugh, another advertisement.”  That’s what I personally do when I’m bombarded by ads all day long.  I want to have a little fun and laugh.  Don’t you?  So when you create your infographics, try to give them a dose of good humor, and they’ll go 5 miles for you instead of 2.  Make sense?

Shout out to Marc Scott for the encouragement to do Infographics – I’d never done them before.  They’re fun, effective, and connective.

On a completely different and separate note, pray for the Seattle area this weekend – we’re supposed to get BRUTAL snow…and perhaps a ton of it.  They forecast like 3″ last weekend, and we actually got about a foot up where we’re at.  So fooey on the weathermen.  Hoping this one is on the money and we actually get what we’re supposed to, and not a massive snowed under thing.  We already had to cancel my son’s birthday party and move it to next weekend due to the weather.  We’ve got some other things on the docket this weekend that we hope to not have to cancel, as that would be a massive bummer.


Joshua Alexander
Seattle Voiceover Artist / Voice Talent / Voice Actor for hire