Just some enjoyable pictures of enjoyable past voice talent work that was…well…enjoyable!  Plus some nifty infographics to convince you of the truth.  Since 1993 I’ve had an illustrious career performing radio, TV, documentary, etc., voiceover artist services for a vast number of clientele, and been in and out of multiple studios doing such.  Though I own my own studio now in Seattle, as a voiceover artist / voice talent there are tons of memories behind these photos…working hard over voiceover projects, working in conjunction with other voice talent, and producing awesome projects that please the senses!  So here’s a little shameless photo gallery just for the heck of it.

Whether it’s been in-studio or in-concert, performing canned or live, I have loved and still love every minute of using my voice talent in audio projects.  It’s a huge gift and privilege to be able to use something that God gave you, for His glory, and for your profession.  I’m sincerely so very blessed and grateful to be able to do what I do in and around Seattle (such a beautiful city and a great home!) with voiceover artist work for all of my clients here and abroad.

Thank you for enjoying these [hopefully] as much as I savor the memories of them!


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